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Salt Lake County ARES D-Star Repeater - KO7SLC

Salt Lake County ARES has a D-Star repeater stack.  The callsign of our repeater is KO7SLC.  The repeater is located at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray (5121 S Cottonwood Street, Murray, UT. 84107).  The frequencies of the D-Star repeater are:

C Module: 145.150- (digital voice)
B Module: 447.950- (digital voice)
High Speed Data: 1298.750 RPS

The gateway does not yet have an internet connection.

D-Rats - A Communication Tool for D-Star

It is recommended that you download D-Rats version 0.3.3
D-Rats Brochure

Salt Lake County ARES has a D-Rats Ratflector.  The information to connect to it is:

Host Address:
Port: 9000

More information on D-Rats can be found at the following links:

Other D-Star Links

D-Star/D-Rats Training - D-Star/D-Rats training from our August 2011 in person meeting  - This web site contains repeater calculator and radio configuration resources  -  This web site contains repeater and reflector status information  -  D-Star self registration instructions - Local D-Star gateway NU7TS registration portal - Utah VHF Society D-Star Information

A short video of the use of D-Star by Washington County, Oregon ARES

146.700(-) T: 100Hz


C Module: 145.150-
B Module: 447.950-
Data: 1298.750 RPS

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