Salt Lake County ARES®
Providing Emergency Communications services using all modes and methods appropriate for use by licensed amateur radio operators.

Preparing for Deployment

Many training presentations about emergency deployment preparedness are available to you as a ham radio operator. Everyone has their own ideas. This short check list will help you prepare while allowing for your own experience and creativity to guide you.

The following are some other forms that may be useful as you prepare your Grab-n-Go kit.

Band Plans

Power Distribution

Salt Lake County ARES recommends the use of Anderson Powerpole connectors for all power connections.  If members use other types of power connectors (e.g. Banana plugs), they should be able to convert from Anderson Powerpoles to their personal power distribution system if at all possible.  If appropriate, members should also be able to provide power to other members using Anderson Powerpole connectors.

146.700(-) T: 100Hz


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